Text Book of Basic Sciences

For MDS Students


Text Book of Basic Sciences
For MDS Students

Author: Dr. Nitin Saroch
Edition: First
Total number of pages: 514
Dimensions: (12L X 10B X 1.5H) in inches
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  • #1

    The aim of this book is not only to prepare the students for exams but also to make them knowledgeable. The basic sciences make the foundation of both medical and dental sciences. Hence, a thorough understanding of these subjects is quintessential for students of medical and dental sciences.

  • #2

    This book has been designed keeping in mind the syllabus prescribed by the dental council of India for the applied basic sciences part of MDS curriculum. The book has been divided into eight sections consisting of various subjects of basic sciences.

  • #3

    The book has been written in a simple language so that every student can understand the basic concepts. Along with this, memorable mnemonics have been included wherever required to assist remembrance.

  • #4

    The book is full of illustrations, images, flowcharts, and tables to make the complex explanations easy to understand. Specifically, in the anatomy section, there are illustrations on almost every page, making the complex relationship of various anatomical structures easily understandable.

  • #5

    The ‘know more’ boxes are an important feature of this book. These boxes contain explanations regarding the applied aspect of the topic under consideration. They not only further clarify our basic concepts, but also make us understand their clinical relevance.

  • #6

    In post-graduation, research is an important component of the curriculum. The last section of this book is, research methodology and biostatistics. This section not only explains how the research is designed and executed, but also explains which statistical tests are applied in different types of researches.

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