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  1. Art of history taking in periodontics
  2. Radiographs in the diagnosis of periodontal disease
  3. Advanced diagnostic techniques in periodontics
  4. Clinical diagnosis and treatment planning for periodontal diseases
  5. Determination of prognosis
  6. Rationale of periodontal treatment
  7. Mechanical plaque control
  8. Chemical plaque control
  9. Chemotherapeutic agents used in periodontics
  10. Local drug delivery in periodontics
  11. Periodontal instruments
  12. Principles of instrumentation
  13. Principles of scaling and root planing
  14. Sonic and ultrasonic scalers in periodontal treatment
  15. Electrosurgery in periodontal therapy
  16. Lasers in periodontics
  17. Surgical anatomy of periodontium and related structures
  18. Principles of periodontal surgery
  19. History of surgical periodontal pocket therapy and osseous resective surgeries
  20. Periodontal flap surgeries: current concepts
  21. Osseous resective surgery
  22. Biology of periodontal regeneration
  23. History of periodontal regenerative therapy
  24. Guided tissue regeneration
  25. Bone grafts in periodontics
  26. Guided bone regeneration
  27. Root surface bio-modification
  28. Growth factors in periodontal regeneration
  29. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMP’s)
  30. Application of platelet concentrates in periodontal regeneration
  31. Tissue engineering in periodontics
  32. Periodontal esthetic surgeries
  33. Periodontal microsurgery
  34. Piezosurgery in periodontics and oral implantology
  35. Furcation involvement and its treatment
  36. Periodontic-endodontic interrelationship
  37. Orthodontic-periodontal interrelationship
  38. Prosthodontic- periodontic-restorative interrelationship